Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Visiting Torben & Seattle Propliners

Going to Seattle again in febuary was something I was looking forward to since Torbens visit here in Germany over christmas. Allthough febuary is usually not the best month for rainy Seattle, I enjoyed a fun week, doing lots of stuff with my litte guy. I guess the best thing for him was our visit to Paul Allen's Experience Music Project and the sunset we watched on top of the Space Needle, but as always there was some aviation involved in my stay as well. As always there are many more pics on my flickr-page.
Aviationwise my personal highlights were the freshly restored Connie at the museum of flight, as well as the Honeywell Convair at Everett. I'll be back!

Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

My ride of the day - Piper PA-31T SE-LUB

Another new aircraft type for me this year. We maintain this 30+ year old vintage beauty here in Hannover. It was completely refurbished inside and out about two and a half years ago and did not move much since. Today we took her up to do some checks and see if everything was still working ok - and it did. A nice thirty-minute ride over snow and water covered lower saxony.

Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

Sammler und Hobbywelten Alten-Buseck

Former Interflug Z-37 DM-SVQ, being painted to its former glory.
Mil Mi-8 in "UT-air" Colours, but don't be fooled: This is a former german Interflug/BSF helicopter.
Whata strange place: In Alten-Buseck a new museum of all kinds of stuff is located in a former furniture store. Among the exhibits are cameras, old furniture, toys, cars, trains and even aircraft. On the former parking lot this museum houses a colourful collection of planes. Some of them are quite rare: A Max Holste Broussard, Westland WS-55 Helicopter etc. I personally did not like, that some of them seem to be restored in a hurry with bright and flashy colours - sometimes hiding the real identity of them. Anyway - I think its better to preserve a plane in false markings than not at all. There are some more pics as usual on my flickr page. Enjoy!

Samstag, 18. September 2010


You may have heared about heli-skiing, but we had a different experience. We went heli-shopping today. From Hannover Katrin and myself flew to a little town in eastern Lower Saxony. From where the Bell 407 was conducting pleasure flights we walk to the "city-centre" to get some food and for shopping. Loaded with bags we climbed on board again and departed - what a fun jet-set-like experience. This was the first flight in a helicopter for Katrin and for me it was a new aircraft type.

Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Torben Time again!

It was Torbens last week before my little man started school, so I decided to treat us with some beach-time on the beautiful Oregon coast. Seaside was the place to go! We spend hours digging in the sand and of course some aviation adventures: We went to the great Tillamook Air Museum, which changed a bit since my last visit about two and a half year ago. We were even able to climb aboard the Erickson Guppy, which Torben enjoyed a lot.
Back in Seattle Torben showed me "his" house-beach" in Ballard, riding his bike proudly in front of me and leading the way. I miss you, Torben!

Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

Airbus A-380 comes to Hannover

Quite a highlight at Hannover airport was the first and most likely the only visit for the next few years of an Airbus A-380. This visit attracted lots of people outside the fence (about 10.000) and also inside the apron-areal.
About 50 years ago my dad had a similar experience when Lufthansa took their - than new - Boeing 707 to Hannover for the first time.

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

Torben Time

What a nice way to spend some time with my little man! I flew over to Seattle for Torbens birthday and some "man-time". We visited the General Aviation Fly-In at Everett and drover over the Cascades to eastern Washington to spend some days around (and in) Lake Chelan.
Beautiful landscape, Aviation and at first a lot of time with Torben - what more could I ask for?

A real litte holiday for the both of us and lots of fun. I so much enjoyed driving around, seeing stuff and playing by the lake and I believe so did Torben. Can't wait to visit him again. I love you Torben!!